POPCORN is starting next week!!!!

Dear Parents of County Line School, 

POPCORN – it’s back for another school year, but with a little different schedule!! Beginning November 13th, we will be selling bags of popcorn to the students. The scheduled popcorn days will be on the 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. This schedule change is due to volunteer schedules and availability. We hope POPCORN two times a month will still make for a fun treat for the students to enjoy. Profits from the popcorn sales are distributed to staff members at County Line at the end of the year to purchase items for their classrooms, which benefit our kids. 

Popcorn will be sold for only .50 cents a bag. We are again offering an OPTIONAL pre-pay system for ordering popcorn. Students will be issued a Popcorn Punch Card that will be kept in the classroom popcorn envelope at school. You may purchase, with cash or check, up to $7.00 worth of popcorn for your child, which is the equivalent of 14 weeks of popcorn. Each child will need to purchase their own punch card – siblings are not permitted to share cards, as the punch cards are kept within the classroom. We will also gladly accept your weekly payment for popcorn (50 cents a bag) if you prefer pay per week. Popcorn will be sold on FULL days of school only, not on 2-hour delay or early release days. 

We will be serving popcorn approximately 14 weeks during the school year. Any remaining popcorn money WILL NOT be carried over into the next year or refunded, so we ask that you keep that in mind when purchasing a punch card. The popcorn volunteers will be responsible for punching your child’s card. If you are interested in ordering a Punch Card, please fill out the bottom portion of this note and send it back to school in an envelope marked Popcorn Punch Card by Monday, November 11th. 

We are going with the same supplier as last year, Badger Popcorn. We will be using canola oil which we have always used in previous years NOT coconut oil. If you have any question pertaining to allergies for your child or children please contact me at: [email protected] and I can answer your questions. 

We are also in NEED for volunteers to help with popcorn on Wednesday mornings. It is a fun committee where you get to meet other parents from County Line and get your exercise as you run popcorn around County Line! Normally, we schedule volunteers every 4-5 weeks (yes, only once a month!) and we ask that you get there around 8:30ish and we are usually done around 11:30ish. If you are willing to help, PLEASE contact me as soon as possible!! 

Popcorn sales and the Punch Card System will begin on Wednesday, November 13th. ****If you are paying by check (cash is also accepted), please make checks out to: COUNTY LINE SCHOOL**** 

If you have any questions regarding this system, please feel free to call: 

Rachel Borchard [email protected] (989)751-3513 Angela Suva 5th grade [email protected] 

Thank you! 

Popcorn Punch Card Order Form: (Please return this bottom portion with payment) 

Student(s) Name: __________________________________Grade/Teacher_____________ 

Name: __________________________________Grade/Teacher_____________ 

Name: __________________________________Grade/Teacher_____________ 

Amount Enclosed: _________ 

____Yes, I can volunteer to help with popcorn on Wednesdays: Name ______________________________ 

Phone ______________________________ Email __________________________________